PSA: The NEW Rules Of Buying Engagement Rings


PSA: The NEW Rules Of Buying Engagement Rings

We’ve all dreamed about or are dreaming about that special day when we either:

a) Get proposed to by the love of our life, or

b) Propose to the live of our life!


It’s a daunting thought, making sure everything is perfect, but in the end you know that love is the only thing you need to be sure of. 

But that doesn’t mean that picking out a ring is easy. OH NO it ain’t. 

Over the years we have all been told that we need to spend 3 months salary on a ring (goodbye savings…) and that it has to be a diamond ring… but times are changing!

Off the back of Sydney-based jewellery designer Natalie Marie’s conversation with Pedestrian. TV, we thought we would let you all in on the NEW RULES FOR ENGAGEMENT RINGS!

Here we go…

Diamonds Are NOT Everyone’s Best Friends

If you’re all for diamonds, then go ahead and pick that snazzy diamond ring. ‘But if it doesn’t suit her personality, then why not try something more on point? 

Natalie told the site, "I definitely feel that people aren’t tied to the idea of diamonds as a ‘necessity’ anymore, and are seeking out something that’s more of a personal expression of them and their style.

 "Our generation is full of couples who are in love and just want to celebrate that - and there has been such a strong move away from the traditional picture of what that needs to looks like.”


"Natural grey or champagne diamonds are popular now, as well as semi precious stones. More and more people are opting for something softer and less sparkly than a traditional diamond. I am seeing clients inclined towards abstract designs, offset stones or East-West facing lines. Just generally a move towards the less traditional, more unique.”

Other stones might be the way to go!

You DO NOT Need To Break Your Bank

Life is not cheap these days, and an expensive ring is by no means a declaration of how much someone loves you - it’s the meaning of the ring and the thought behind it that counts!

A lot of couples are opting for really personal styles that they are able to afford, and are even upgrading as their relationship grows and lengthens as their financial situation allows. 

Considering how much we all fear losing the ring, opting for something below $2000 (or $1K) might help you sleep better at night. 


Mixing Metals & Settings Is In!

Instead of the normal straight banded setting, or one colour tone, many couples are opting for mixed metals and shapes. 

while sometimes hard to match with wedding bands, these uber cool styles are catching everyone’s attention!


From oxidised metals to rose gold, you don’t have to just go with the plain silver or gold!

You’re Allowed To Talk About THE Ring

We all know that surprise proposals are what we all grow up hearing about, but many couples decide to talk about the engagement rings they want and choose them together to make it a more intimate process!

Natalie explained, "It’s an intimate process which enables both partners to feel equally involved, and it can be deeply rewarding to have created something so significant through a collaborative process.

"Even when this isn’t the case I think couples are more vocal with each other about preferences and restraints, and it’s generally a much more open process than it has been in the past."



A Ring You'll NEVER Lose!

We've heard of people getting getting their engagement rings TATTOOED around their finger, so they won't lose the actual ring, and while it's not for many it IS for some!

Of course, it isn't really a 'surprise' proposal idea, more of a planned one!



It all does sound intimidating, but you have to remember: it’s the love that counts!

The love of your life, if they are really the love of your life, isn’t going to leave you over a ring!

It’s the thought and meaning that always counts.