PSA: Bad News If You Use Dry Shampoo

Uh oh...

PSA: Bad News If You Use Dry Shampoo

Source: Mamamia.

We’ve all been guilty of using our dry shampoo a little too much when our schedule is packed full, so it’s important to know that overusing the beloved product can have some damaging effects you might want to keep in mind… 


Overusing dry shampoo will make your hair dryer and can even stop the scalp’s production of natural oils hat keep our hair nice and healthy. 

Technical Director and Session Stylist of Academie Salon, Richi Grisillo, told Mamamia, "Dry shampoo should be washed out of your hair every 24 hours. It's to get you through, it's not a long-term fix.

"It's putting a powder on your hair and then if you sleep on it, it's increasing friction that's in there. Not dramatically [but] it's one of those things that where you have to be careful.”


If your hair is naturally dry or pre lightened, then this is of more impact as the build-up and overuse of dry shampoo will cause damage. 

Richi continued, saying, "Dry shampoo is certainly a saviour but it shouldn't be your saviour every day of the week until you wash it. It should just be that 24 hour leeway, when you're like 'Ooh, it's a bit oily’.”

"I get that some people get naturally oily hair and it's the only thing that gets them through a few days which I guess is fine, but as long as they're maintaining it.”


Put the dry shampoo down, folks. 

Everything in moderation.