Proof That Last Night's Blood Moon Ruined Our Lives

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Proof That Last Night's Blood Moon Ruined Our Lives

(The author of this article wishes to remain anonymous)

What crazy stuff went down for YOU during the blood moon period?!

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Hear me out. 

I know a lot of people might think astrology and the concept of the moon having a huge affect on our emotions is bulls***, but I’m 100% behind the belief that it does. 

Not only because I’ve noticed changes in others and myself whenever there’s a super moon, blood moon, full moon, or any other type of phenomena which amplifies our emotions and stress, but also because the hype behind last night’s blood moon turned out to be true. 


And it absolutely crushed. my. soul.

Full moons, super moons and blood moons are all thought to have a negative affect on our sleeping patterns and emotions, making us much more vulnerable and unstable as our emotions are sent into serious overdrive. 

It also affects serotonin levels, which regulates our moods and other important things, meaning there is often an increase in incidences of accidents, anxiety, depression, insomnia, sexual activity, migraines, alcoholism and homicides during this time. 

I’m sharing my story, because I want to know if this blood moon wreaked havoc on your life, too, or if I’m just the unlucky one. 


Friday started off great, waking up after a magical, romantic night with my partner of four years, to those morning cuddles and kisses that make everything feel right. 

We set out for a busy day, catching up with family for lunch at our favourite little cafe, before gearing up for some serious Pokemon (Go) hunting and gym raids, which we’d both newly found a funny obsession for. 

Childish? Maybe, but it gave us a childlike enthusiasm that we really needed in life. It gave us a reprieve from the stresses of work and any issues we were sorting through. 

We trekked about, battling our day away, before heading to see the latest Mission: Impossible movie, after binge-watching the five previous films the two days before. 

Needless to say, the movie had us wide-eyed and jaws-dropped, wondering how the hell any of the stunts could even be possible. 

We were happy and he finally was making steps for us to move forward to the future, with us both talking about and deciding on a time frame and plan to move out into our own little place, and also when we’d finally take the step to get engaged. 

We scrounged the kitchen for something to eat, deciding to try our hands at making Ravioli with a homemade butter sauce. It didn’t go to plan, but it was beyond fun. 

All day, happiness surrounded us, but as the night drew closer, as the blood moon drew closer, everything started to slowly twist into something unrecognisable. 


We stayed up late, channel surfing and watching WWE as we pi**ed ourselves laughing at how staged it all is, then we jumped into bed and lay there. 

The blood moon was rising, only 2 hours away from showing itself for its 3am debut, and suddenly our emotions went from light to dark. 

I overthought our plan, I lost control of my emotions, pondering over every what if situation possible. He wanted to avoid talking about any of it and refused to resolve anything, turning away from me, shutting me into silence which slowly broke me to pieces. 

Things had been rough, but we were getting better. All couples have their issues they sort through and we knew we’d get through this together, like we always had, and he promised he was mine forever. 

For me, forever is a promise I can keep. He’s the only person I’ve ever loved and been with - I waited for years until I found the one and found it in him. 

But as I lay there, crying, with the blood moon approaching and trying to get us to move through our problems together, he turned and said ‘it’s over’. 

Two words and everything changes. 

Two words and everything breaks. 

As you can imagine, everything disintegrated into tears and howls, confusion over how everything went from perfect to destroyed in the blink of an eye and how continual promises of a future could so easily be stamped out because of highly-strung emotions. 

I won’t describe the pain of the rest of the night, but after having lost family members so close to me in the past, I know this pain is like a death. 

He told me to give him a few days and he’ll come to a decision about us by then. He told me that if I’m so sure of us and believe that he won’t leave, then I shouldn’t be freaking out about the next few days of ‘space’ while he ‘decides what he wants’. 

All I keep thinking is how all of this hype around the effects of a blood moon, which he thinks is all bulls#*, has come to fruition and ruined life a I knew and wanted it. 

Perhaps I brought this all about myself, through stressing that something might go wrong and trying extra hard to make everything perfect. 

Or perhaps this stuff you call ‘mumbo jumbo’ is actually on to something, and our lives would be SO much better if we could learn to manage our emotions during these times…

I know my life would be a whole lot better if I did. 

One thing’s for sure - I’m never going to take all this ‘hocus pocus’ for granted again. 

And after all that, I didn’t even get to see the blood moon… 


UPDATE: A lot of you were concerned whether these two were still together and wanted the deets! You'll be pleased to know that now the blood moon has passed and taken it's craziness with it, these two lovers are still going strong, together. 


What crazy stuff went down for YOU during the blood moon period?!

Let us know in the Facebook comments and be careful this blood moon weekend!

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