PROOF: Bachie's Ali & Taite Are Definitely, Probably Not Faking It

A witness account

PROOF: Bachie's Ali & Taite Are Definitely, Probably Not Faking It

Rumours have been circulating this week after reports from Woman’s Day suggested Taite and Ali’s relationship isn’t real and is being put on for the public eye so that the franchise can stay intact. 

But here's what's up...over the weekend (Sunday around 3pm to be precise) this writer spotted the couple at a small, every-day suburban Coles in northern Melbourne. 

Lurking behind the cheese section behind the deli, I subtly watched the pair (who very much looked like they were in honey-moon phase) holding hands and pointing at the $10.99 roast chooks on offer.

Dressed in activewear, the couple held hands laughing, smiling and nuzzling into each other throughout Coles, and through the dingy shopping precinct while locals looked on, and then away because they didn't care. 

My theory is, if the fresh Bachie couple was putting on a show for the good name of the Bachelor franchise, they'd be out dining in the top restaurants of Melbourne CBD or walking down Chapel Street...not casually shopping for a Sunday BBQ featuring roast chook and deli potato salad at a small, suburban grocery shop. 

And if they announce a break-up on Instagram tomorrow, I'll always remember the good times, in Coles. 

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