Pink Unicorn Gin Exists, So Treat Yo’ Self!

We NEED this!

Pink Unicorn Gin Exists, So Treat Yo’ Self! Firebox

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and we’ve found another perfect gift to put on your lists - even if you’re just buying it as a present to yourself!

This Pink Glittery Unicorn Gin has us falling in love!


Described as:

  • Mythical spirit infused with the seductive tears of lovesick unicorns
  • Holds a double measure, perfect for sharing with a partner
  • Definitely possesses aphrodisiacal properties
  • Same delicious and shimmery gin, sexy pink colour
  • Slip into a pocket or handbag for secretive sipping on the move

Yep, we want this ASAP. 

Unfortunately, this gem isn’t available to ship to Australia just yet, so maybe hit up a friend overseas who can buy it for you HERE.