Not To Alarm You, But Spiders Are Getting BIGGER

Coz we weren't scared enough...

Not To Alarm You, But Spiders Are Getting BIGGER Warner Bros.

I think it’s safe to say that most of us sh#* a brick when we see an 8-legged creepy crawly sneak out from wherever it’s hiding to scare us half to death. 

They make our skin crawl no matter their size, but this new research is giving me major goosebumps, because apparently spiders are getting BIGGER. 

National Geographic recently released an article about how spiders are increasing in size due to climate change. 

One specific spider is increasing majorly, the Arctic Wolf Spider (sounds scary, looks scary), according to Amanda Koltz’s research. 

National Geographic explained, "Scientists have known for almost a decade that climate change would impact spider populations. 

"A 2009 study showed that a warmer Arctic with earlier springs and longer summers could make wolf spiders both larger and—because larger spiders can produce more offspring—more abundant."

So, the warmer the weather and the longer the summer results in much bigger spideys. 

Not cool. 

This is just one more reason for us all to work towards stopping global warming.


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