My Desperate Attempt To Buy The $200 Aldi Rocking Chair

For $200, Everything Was On The Line

My Desperate Attempt To Buy The $200 Aldi Rocking Chair Aldi

For those of you unaware of the treasures that lie within Aldi, do yourself a favour, and take a trip to your local store, or AT LEAST jump on the website.

For what you will find, are items that could potentially change your life. Why? Because you can’t get them at any other supermarket, AND, they’re cheap – which in this day and age, is a blessing.

The item in question, that caused me to have heart palpitations when I first saw it, is this. The Aldi Baby Rocker.

YES, ALDI SELLS THIS SORT OF STUFF. Look at it people. Isn’t it magnificent. Here’s a fun fact - Pottery Barn Kids sell something incredibly similar – for about $1600 more. So as you can imagine, I, along with hundreds of thousands of women around the country, have literally been frothing at the mouth, itching for this to go on sale.

This brings me to a journey my family embarked on this morning to buy it. It was hard. It was emotional. But they survived. 

Every Wednesday and Saturday, Aldi have ‘Special Buys’. Unique items from different categories – home wares, appliances, tools, you name it – that are ridiculously cheap. There’s a catch though – you can’t buy them online, and it’s only while stocks last – so you literally need to be at Aldi on Wednesday or Saturday first thing in the morning if you want to get your hands on said items.

Enlisting the help of my Mum, Dad and Sister, we put a magnificent plan in place to ensure this beloved Aldi Baby Rocker would be mine. Sister would be at one store at exactly 8.30am, Mum at another, and Dad at yet another location. Sadly, Husband and I would have to miss out on the fun as we were in interstate for work so couldn’t participate – so it would have to come down to these three amazing and selfless people to make my dreams come true.

I sent them an encouraging message the day before so that we were all on the same page and had our game plan in place. Dad was only half-joking. 

Come Wednesday morning, at 8.15am, Sister was waiting patiently out the front of an Aldi Store. She made friends with all the people waiting at the front, they were all in it together.

Dad’s spirits weren’t as high – he messaged to say he was up against 20 mums and dads and didn’t think he stood a chance.

Come 8.30am and all hell broke loose. Sister ran through the store and had to push a lady because she pushed her. Fair enough. There were NO chairs on the floor as the staff still had them out back.

Meanwhile, Mum wasn't answering calls. She’d gone AWOL. Dad had given up and accepted defeat against 20 mums. I felt pretty helpless at this point, in Melbourne, of absolutely NO help.

No one was texting… it felt like forever. But then suddenly, I received a text. 

She’d done it. Sister got the chair. I started to yell. My boss was quite amused. 

The chairs hadn't been brought onto the floor yet - so staff brought it out for her, and because she was the first to line up at the store, they gave it to her first. What a legend. They only had 6 chairs at the store she was at, so absolutely nailed it. 

Meanwhile, Mum was still missing. Dad confirmed there were only 3 chairs where he was waiting, so it was all over before it even began. Points for effort, still my hero. 

Here's where things get interesting, and there's a PLOT TWIST. 

Sister goes home to find Mum. She also had a chair.

She forgot her phone – and obviously wasn’t able to communicate to anyone. At this point, Dad affectionately began referring to this ordeal as Operation Off Your Rocker.

Mum even used a sun reflector and a carry bag to keep it securely tied in the car because she drives the smallest car in the world. It's ok people, she only had to drive five minutes. 

She was at the front of the line but had a good strategy going in. She made a pact with one woman to work together and it worked – the odds were ever in their favour.

Now unbenowest to me, my Grandmother decided she wanted to take part in the fun as well. She even took her portable Nescafe coffee and toast with her while she waited for Aldi to open. My 81-year-old Gran is the undisputed Aldi queen, and I’m not even joking. She managed to beat 20 younger women, and ALSO get a chair. Thankfully though, my sister had called her to tell her she had a chair, so Gran put it back. What a trooper. The ultimate Wonder Woman. 

For those of you wondering if in fact any of these chairs are left, judging by the mission at 8.30am this morning my family members encountered at four stores, I'd say very unlikely.

But guys, don't despair. Next Wednesday for Aldi's Special Buys, they've got a 60 inch plasma TV on sale for $799.

Among many things that make me proud to be Australian, this is definitely one of them. 

Am I an Aldi tragic? Yes. But look at that chair guys. #Winning

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