Mums LOVE This Lamp That Helps Babies Fall Asleep In 10 Minutes

It works wonders!

Mums LOVE This Lamp That Helps Babies Fall Asleep In 10 Minutes Instagram @ Glow Dreaming

Is it a nightmare for you trying to get your child to sleep?

Well, this might just do the trick, because parents are claiming this new lamp helps their baby fall to sleep in just ten minutes!

Glow Dreaming’s ‘Miracle’ Lamp is the light source in the spotlight, combining light therapy with aromatherapy to emit a glow that’s soothing and scents that help to relax your child, while also letting off a pink noise. 


The lamp has been used to help children and adults get to sleep easily, using the same tech as NASA does - a red spectrum light which stimulates the body’s production of melatonin. This helps tell your body it is time to sleep!

The lamp emits pink noise, which is sound made up of frequencies found in rain, thunder and waterfalls. 


Essential oils are also diffused by ultrasonic waves, creating a peaceful sleep environment. 

The lamp is even fitted with a device so that it turns off after enough time for you to fall asleep!


Parents are swearing by this, so if you or your bub are having trouble getting to sleep, maybe you should give this a try!

You can head here to check them out. 


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