Loungers With Boob Holes Are The Extra Comfort EVERY Girl Needs

We need one NOW!

Loungers With Boob Holes Are The Extra Comfort EVERY Girl Needs Ostrich

Everyone loves to lay down on their belly from time to time, whether it’s to relax on your bed, or bask outside in the sun. 

The only thing is that it can be seriously uncomfortable for women, because our breasts are getting all squished. 

Thankfully, there are some companies coming to our rescue with these genius inventions.

Ostrich has created a comfortable lounger that comes complete with holes for your boobs, so they’ll never have to be squished again!


On their website, they explain, "The Ostrich Ladies Comfort Lounger is the first chaise lounge designed for women by women. The innovative patent pending breast cavity expands and contracts to comfortably accommodate and support varying sized women while lying in prone position.


"The twelve-inch seat height allows for easy access and exit. In addition, the LCL also integrates the Ostrich Chairs' patented open/close face cavity and arm cutouts for reading or tanning face down.”


You can find this beauty here

Another company, Bravissimo, decided to create a lilo / pool float with the same idea in mind!


Want one? Go find them here


Who’s keen to put these on their Christmas list?

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