Let’s Cut The Bullsh#$ On ‘Women Losing Interest In Sex After 1 Year'


Let’s Cut The Bullsh#$ On ‘Women Losing Interest In Sex After 1 Year'

You might have heard news of findings from a new study going around today, saying that “Women lose interest in sex after one year.”

It’s going around and ‘round, and we’ve about had enough. 

So I'm calling bulls@# on it and setting some facts straight that you might not have heard. 


The study (read more about it HERE), which comes out of the U.K and was undertaken by 10,000 U.K citizens, ‘found’ that couples start to lose passion in their relationship after only one year of living together.  

And that, in particular, women are the ones who lose interest in sex after the one year mark, with the sampled women showing that sexual apathy quadruples from this time onwards. 


 That’s the story everyone is being told, and while the statements themselves are true in relation to the study, we AREN’T focusing on the actual statistics of the study. 

This wasn’t true for the majority of women, but it’s been made out like it is. 

In fact, the British National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles revealed that 34 percent of women and 15 percent of men lack an interest in sex. 

However, this decline in sexual interest after one year only took place IF the couple didn’t have good communication skills. 

IF they speak freely and easily about sex with their partner, then this decline doesn’t stand true and their sex life is much better. 

This speaks volumes at the importance of honesty and communication as being the key to a good relationship. 

University of Glasgow’s senior research fellow Dr Kristin Mitchell revealedThe findings ... emphasise the importance of providing a broad sexual and relationships education rather than limiting attention only to adverse consequences of sex and how to prevent them.”




What everyone seems to be forgetting is that, apart from obvious biological gender differences, sex is different for everyone. There are men that aren’t as interested in sex, there are women that want to have sex all the freakin’ time. 

But if we keep pushing these myths  that “Men want sex all the time” and “women aren’t interested”, then we’re going nowhere good… and we’re not reporting on the truth of how people actually are!

Instead of focusing on these things solely on women, let’s shift the focus to all genders. 

I'm sure you’re all sick of these gender-driven sex stereotypes, too.  



So I'm calling for everyone to shut them down. 

How have stereotypes about sex and gender affected YOU?

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