Lego Is Going Green & Using Sustainable Plastic!

Kids toys helping the environment!

Lego Is Going Green & Using Sustainable Plastic! Lego

After years of being the annoyingly painful toy to step on, but the most fun toy to play with, Lego has decided to make a few changes.

The main change is that the toy company has now decided to be more environmentally friendly and create blocks with sustainable plastic!

The new pieces will be made of polyethylene, a type of plastic that comes from the ethanol in sugarcane plants.

ABC News has reported that the company will use the polyethylene in place of plastics made by fossil fuels.


Lego has also partnered with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to ensure the materials are being sourced sustainably.

The new pieces will make up 1-2 percent of the total amount of the plastic elements it produces.

It will be used mostly in plant-based blocks like trees, leaves and bushes.

The company has reportedly now set a goal to have every piece of their sets and packaging made with sustainable materials by 2030.


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