Keep Stealing Your Boyfriend's Hoodie, Coz It's Actually GREAT For Your Health

You mean ‘OUR’ hoodie

Keep Stealing Your Boyfriend's Hoodie, Coz It's Actually GREAT For Your Health Pixabay

We’ve all claimed one of our partner’s hoodies as our own, right?

Instead of it being ‘his’ hoodie, you start calling it ‘our’ hoodie all the time until he does, too. 

As much as he might hate it, although we think it’s the cutest thing possible, it turns out that you can now throw some info at him to get him on board:

Wearing his hoodies is great for your health!


A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology from researchers at the University of British Columbia’s psychology department, revealed that the smell of your partner’s clothes (so, their hoodie!) reduces your stress levels!

100% agree with this.


Not only this, but if you suffer from loneliness or anxiety, the smell of the person you’re in love with can significantly help!

The study asked men to wear their shirts for 24-hours, then froze the shirts to retain their natural scent. 

Women, who were in a relationship with someone of the opposite sex, were then asked to smell one of three shirts at random. Of these they could identify the smell of one belonging to their partner, one that was a brand new shirt, and one that belonged to a stranger. 

They were then asked to partake in stressful situations, like maths tests or mock job interviews, to see how they coped with the stress after smelling the clothing. 

Their stress was monitored verbally and also through saliva samples to see what their stress hormone, cortisol, levels were. 

The results revealed that the women who smelt their partner’s scent had their stress levels significantly decreased. 

Those who smelt a stranger’s scent were more stressed, and research has revealed that this only happens when a woman smells a male stranger's scent. 

Peter Klein, a psychotherapist and psychologist, revealed to The Guardian, "Research suggests women have a better developed sense of smell and men are more visually stimulated, so men would be more likely to experience stress reduction through seeing their partner's clothing.

"How close a woman feels towards her male partner - how much oxytocin she experiences when she's with them or how happy she is in the relationship - will also affect how comforting she finds smelling the clothing."

So take note, guys, and let us borrow your hoodies!

We mean, ‘our’ hoodies. 

Here is the study to back up your case. 


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