IKEA Now Have New Flat Pack MEALS

This Is So 2017

IKEA Now Have New Flat Pack MEALS

Image Credit: IKEA

Yes, you read that correctly.

IKEA, our favourite fix-it-yourself-and-try-not-to-murder-anyone-at-the-same-time Swedish furniture brand (we’ve really narrowed it down there haven’t we) has now come out with BUILD-IT-YOURSELF FOOD.

Just when you thought you'd only need 1000 instructions to build a wardrobe, The IKEA Cook This Page Parchment Paper is actually rather simple.

It shows you where to pop your ingredients, how much is needed, and once you lay everything onto it, you wrap it all together – LITERALLY – and pop into the oven. 

You are literally cooking the page.

Looks pretty simple eh?