IKEA Bullied A Pot Plant To Show The Damages Of Verbal Abuse On Each Of Us

And the results are dramatic

While IKEA is known for its Disneyland adult vibe, amazing meatballs, endless flat packs and hours of stress that comes with leaving… they are about to be known for this powerful  social experiment.

The Swedish company has just released one powerful anti-bullying campaign and it has gone viral.

They placed two identical pot plants inside a school and the students got involved.

The experiment asked school kids to bully a pot plant for one whole month, and watch closely to notice if there were any changes.

The plant next to the bullied plant  was given the same amount of water, fertiliser and sunlight for 30 days… yet instead of being told abuse, it was fed encouragement and compliments on loop for the 30 days. 

After the 30 days were over, the results were beyond dramatic. 

The bullied plant became wilted from the hate being thrown at it constantly, while the other plant, was glowing and living its best life.

As you can see above. 

This is an amazing experiment to teach kids and also adults how words and verbal abuse can affect someone.

Just in Australia, around 1 in 4 students have reported being bullied during their school period. What is even more shocking is that other students or co-workers are present in 87% of bullying interactions, but are too scared to come forward.

Please take two minute out of your day to watch this.



If there is only one decision you make today, please make it the one to be kind.

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