How Long Should You Really Nap For?

How long do YOU nap?

How Long Should You Really Nap For? Fox Broadcasting Company

Naps are one of the most beautiful things. 

They make us feel refreshed after a long day at work, running on next to no sleep, and they help boost our health by improving our skin, and regulating our hunger and stress. 

Some of us like a 15-minute nap, some like an hour, while others think 30-mins is the perfect amount. 

But how long should our naps really be?

Science still isn’t in complete agreement over this, so we thought we’d find the most legit answers and let you pick between them.

NASA published a study in 195, saying that the ideal nap should be 26-minutes long, which will “improve performance by 34%” and “improve alertness by 54%.”

Bustle cited Science of People’s study, suggesting that a 90-minute nap is the best option, as it will improve creativity and helps you avoid “sleep inertia” (which is that sleepy feeling you get after you nap for too short of a time). 

Quora is also in agreement with the 90-minute idea, saying it will help “procedural and emotional memory.”

It’d be great if science could agree on this so we finally have an answer, but for now I might go try out each of these naps and see which works best… 


What do YOU think is the ideal nap time?

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