How Long Couples Wait BEFORE Getting Married

Waiting for THAT question?

How Long Couples Wait BEFORE Getting Married

Love is magical, and while relationships aren’t all sunshine and rainbows, we all dream about the day we’ll marry the love of our life. 

However, sometimes we wonder when dafuq our partner is going to propose… 

It could be years down the track and things are going GREAT, but there’s no talk of or hints of a proposal… 

Sound familiar?

Are YOU waiting for your bae to pop THAT question?

Well, new studies have revealed how long most couples wait before getting married, and they might give you some hope! (Or get you overthinking… sorry…)


According to a study of 4,000 people in the UK, by wedding planning app Bridebook, the average couple are together for 4.9 years before they get married. 

This was then broken down to:

17 months before moving in together. 

22 months of living together as a couple before getting engaged. 

20 months of engagement before getting married.


In Australia, the median age for marriage is increasing, with the Australian Bureau of Statistics showing the average man gets married at 31.8 years, and the average woman at 29.8 years. 


But rest assured, averages and numbers don’t apply to everyone - so long as you find the right person who loves you for YOU, treats you right, and is in it for life, that is ALL that matters!