Here's Where You Can Get Yourself A Dyson Vacuum For Only $249!

We're not kidding!

Here's Where You Can Get Yourself A Dyson Vacuum For Only $249!

A while back, Aldi decided to sell a Dyson vacuum cleaner for only $299 and everyone went crazy for it! This was by far one of the biggest Special Buy sale that the supermarket chain had ever experienced, with hundreds of customers disappointed that they didn't get their hands on the bargain.

We all know that when there's a really good Special Buy happening, you have to be at your local Aldi store bright an early to nab yourself a bargain, but today, it looks like you can purchase a Dyson for an even cheaper price online!

eBay Australia has teamed up with Dyson and are now selling the popular vacuum cleaners for $200 less than their regular retail price!


From now until Thursday, eBay Australia are slashing the prices of Dysons and will be selling them for only $249 a pop!

A spokesperson for the store said that if you want one of these cheap AF Dysons you're definitely going to have to get in quick!

"We expect the Dyson DC29 vacuum to fly off eBay’s virtual shelves with its ridiculously affordable price of $249."

So what are you waiting for?

Get onto eBay right now!


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