Here's A $2 Christmas Ornament That Your Tree Definitely Needs!

Do you have it?

Here's A $2 Christmas Ornament That Your Tree Definitely Needs!

If you've already got your Christmas tree up (which you definitely should have done by now, to be honest...) you've probably decorated it with traditional ornaments like baubles and tinsel, and topped the whole thing off with either a bright star or an angel.

If you're like us though, amongst all of the shiny, sparkly decorations, you'll have a few unconventional ornaments hanging there that make you giggle every time you see them!

However, if your tree is in need of some cheeky Christmas fun, then let us turn your eyes towards this amazing ornament from Typo that will turn up the adorable-ness of your tree by 1000!

The little ornament features a sloth dangling from a traditional christmas wreath, looking all cute and cuddly.

Image: Typo

Now, this may seem like just a simple decoration, but if you pull the string, the sloth dances and guys, it's the one thing your tree is missing!

Everyone needs a dancing sloth on their tree, right?

The ornament is only $2 from the Cotton On/Typo website and so we suggest getting this cutie on your tree asap!