Harry Potter Fans Make BETTER Partners, So Go Find Yourself A Potterhead


Harry Potter Fans Make BETTER Partners, So Go Find Yourself A Potterhead Warner Bros.

Harry Potter holds a very special place in our heart and it turns out it could help you hold a special place in someone else’s, too!

According to new research, if your bae loves Harry Potter then they’re the partner to choose!

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The study, which was published in the journal Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts, revealed that those who read Harry Potter and preferred books of fantasy and science fiction genres have more positive, realistic, mature and romantic beliefs about relationships, that aren’t based on unrealistic ideals. 

Adults were tested on their exposure to different classic, fantasy, romance, science fiction, horror and suspense writers, and were then asked to respond to unhelpful, unrealistic beliefs on relationships. 

Such beliefs included, "Disagreement is destructive; mind reading is expected; romantic partners cannot change; the sexes are different; and the expectation of sexual perfection.”

Participants marked on a scale how much they agreed with statements, such as, "When couples disagree, it seems like the relationship is falling apart” and "People who have a close relationship can sense each other's needs as if they could read each other's minds."

What did the study conclude?

That lovers of science fiction and fantasy were LESS likely to support unhealthy relationship beliefs. 

Researchers explained, "At least two of the specific beliefs (eschewed by sci-fi fans) — the belief that disagreement is destructive, and the belief that partners cannot change — are associated with maladaptive relationship attitudes, behaviours, and/or outcomes in the real world.”

Looks like you need to be on the lookout for a Potterhead!

Or if your partner already is, then you’ve definitely found THE one to let slytherin!


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