Guests BLAST Bride For ‘Outrageous’ Demands

Do YOU think they're unfair?

Guests BLAST Bride For ‘Outrageous’ Demands

Wedding days are to be cherished and celebrated… but there’s a lot of stress to go through when planning the big day. 

During the process of planning, guests can get a little frustrated with some of the demands of the bride and groom, and one couple has come under fire for their over the top save the date card…

The card asked the guests to set aside two specific dates for the wedding, and also dictated the clothes and colours they had to wear to the event.

"Top hint: Keep colour schemes orange/white or maybe pink in mind.”


The card was shared on the site Mumsnet, and users took to the comments to call the requests odd and over the top. 

Some even said the couple were ‘loons’ for their demands and slammed them for being unorganised in locking in one time. 

While it seems unusual - is it really that big of a deal?

The bride and groom are putting a lot of money and effort into making their wedding day perfect… so wouldn’t guests want to help make it perfect for them too?

After all, it’s about the bride and groom… NOT the guests. 

Do YOU think this is too much to ask?

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