Gold Coast Named Australia's #1 Hipster City & Yeah, Alright Mate

Wait, what?!

Gold Coast Named Australia's #1 Hipster City & Yeah, Alright Mate 20th Century Fox

When you think of hipsters strolling their way through town, drinking their dirty chai latte and talking about how all this new age music is bull, what location do you think would be the number one place they’d reside in?


Most of you would think Melbourne, right?

Well, according to a new study that whole line of though is WRONG and we have no idea how… 

A study called the Hipster Index was published by MoveHub, which is a technology company that assists in the process of moving overseas, has unveiled the results into where the coolest cities in the world are that are filled with ‘hipsters’. 

The Hipster Index compiled lists of towns and assessed things like how many tattoo studios, vegan cafes, coffee ships, vintage boutiques and record stores a place has per 100,000 people. Those with higher ratios were deemed more hipster cities. 

Globally, Brighton and Hove in the UK just took out the top spots over Portland.

When it comes to Australia, however, the Gold Coast took top honours, coming in at 70 on the global list. 


Here’s how the Aussie results look:

  1. Gold Coast (70 overall)
  2. Cairns (92 overall)
  3. Hobart (138 overall)
  4. Geelong (160 overall)
  5. Melbourne (173 overall)
  6. Sunshine Coast (240 overall)
  7. Adelaide (246 overall)
  8. Canberra (259 overall)
  9. Newcastle (337 overall)
  10. Sydney (348 overall)
  11. Brisbane (357 overall)
  12. Wollongong (380 overall)
  13. Townsville (382 overall)
  14. Perth (413 overall)

Surprised Melbourne wasn’t up there? So are we…

Now, sit back and watch all the hipsters flock to the Gold Coast. 


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