Girls Are MORE Likely To Marry A Guy With A Strong Handshake

Is this YOU?

Girls Are MORE Likely To Marry A Guy With A Strong Handshake Fox

Of all the things that could drive a woman wild and send her right into your arms, you wouldn’t think a firm handshake is one of them, would you?

Well, studies have shown that a strong handshake is actually a trait that will make a woman MORE likely to marry you!


Researchers from Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health and the Columbia Ageing Centre studied over 5,000 adults from the Norwegian City of Tromso, to discover a link between marriage and grip strength. 

They found that the STRONGER a man’s handshake, the HIGHER the chance that he would get married. 

Vegard Skirbekk, from the Columbia Ageing Centre explained, “Our results hint that women may be favouring partners who signal strength and vigour when they marry.

“If longer-lived women marry healthier men, then both may avoid or defer the role of caregiver, while less healthy men remain unmarried and must look elsewhere for assistance.”

Other studies from Harvard University Medical School and University of Manchester found other benefits of a strong handshake:

  • Is a good indicator of overall health being better
  • Signals better problem-solving skills
  • Better memory
  • Faster reaction times

Personally, I can actually understand this - but it’s not all about the health and strength factor. 

There have been SO many times where I had absolutely peeved off by a man who doesn’t shake my hand when they meet me, but they proceed to shake the hand of every other male around. 

Don’t I deserve the same level of respect?

Alternatively, it’s equally frustrating when they shake your hand in the most loose, idgaf way. 

If you’re going to shake my hand, SHAKE IT PROPERLY LIKE YOU RESPECT ME. 

I met my partner through Martial Arts, where everyone bows and shakes the other person’s hand when you greet one another at class. His handshake was how a handshake should be.


Thus, from the start I knew he respected me (in every way in which he interacted with me). 

Of course, it’s not like we greet each other by shaking hands anymore, but it’s where it all starts, right?

Let’s break the different gender-greeting stereotypes in place. 


Do YOU prefer a man who has a strong handshake?

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