Girl Becomes Real Life Distracted Boyfriend Meme, World Cannot Stop Giggling

No, it wasn't staged!

Girl Becomes Real Life Distracted Boyfriend Meme, World Cannot Stop Giggling Shutterstock

Do you remember the iconic distracted boyfriend meme that was all over the internet this time last year?

You know the one...


Well, one poor lass ended up with a real-life version of this particular meme whilst on holiday in Venice, Italy.

Trishna Pema was hanging out with her sister and decided to grab some vanilla gelato and as all good sisters do, she decided to try and grab some nice candid snaps.

Trishna was posing on the street and when they were scrolling through the photos later on, they noticed this gem:

Image: @pjmboothang Twitter

Trishna told Buzzfeed News that she immediately thought about the iconic distracted boyfriend meme when she saw the picture.

"We immediately noticed the similarity between the pic and the meme! We didn’t really think about it, it was the first thing that came to mind when I looked at it."

Trishna shared the image in a group chat and her friend Amahle decided to share it on Twitter, comparing it to the original meme.

"She didn't have a Twitter account at the time, so I posted it because I found it absolutely hilarious!"


The post has since gone viral... for obvious reasons.

Trishna said she'd like to find the guy who turned her into a real-life meme, with Amahle agreeing that he deserves credit for his photobombing skill.

How amazing!

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