Everyone’s Going BONKERS Over This Owner’s Instructions For A Dog Sitter

She is ALL of us!

Everyone’s Going BONKERS Over This Owner’s Instructions For A Dog Sitter

Image Credit: Twitter @ TommyRivers.

We all know how special the love we share with our dogs is, which means we would want others to treat our pets like the kings and queens they are. 

Unfortunately for one guy, he didn’t realise just what he was in for when he was asked to dog-sit for his auntie… 

And so begins the hilarious tale of how far we’ll go for or pets. 

Tommy Rivers was asked to dog-sit his aunt’s Pomeranian Pepper - “The most beautiful girl in the world” - while she was away. 

What he thought would be a simple task soon morphed into a Rubiks Cube of a puzzle, because his aunt had left behind a TWO PAGE instruction list for him… 

Tommy took to Twitter to share the instructions online and everyone can’t get enough of it. 


First things first (this dog must be the realest), Tommy was told that Pepper CANNOT have any carbs - she’s watching her weight. 

Next comes the play time (the ball MUST be fired into the distance with a green gun) and affection (big hugs little kiss, sniffs, and belly rubs... LOTS of them).

Tommy was also to send a pic of Pepper to his aunt EVERY day, so she knew she was okay. 

And he was not to forget to also let them Face Time… 


So Tommy knew where he stood, there were very specific instructions for what he was NOT to do, and we love his aunt’s strong love for Pepper. 

“Dont: Yell at Pepper… 

“[Don’t] hit, spank or kick Pepper - don’t you hurt her!

“[Don’t] let her escape - know where she’s at at all times!"

We’re all loving how the list was ended, with Tommy being told, “Don’t you Hate her cause you Ain’t her!"


This just goes to show, dogs are our best friends!

Don’t mess with them!