Eating Cheese Before Bed Gives You NIGHTMARES, So Brie Careful


Eating Cheese Before Bed Gives You NIGHTMARES, So Brie Careful Les Petits Veganne / DreamWorks Pictures

Have you ever eaten cheese close to bed time and woken up the next morning baffled by the weird dreams you’ve had?

Well, you might not be alone, because it turns out that, according to food experts, cheese really can affect your sleep and dreams!

Jennifer May, a nutritionist from Sydney City Nutritionist and author or Pure Health & Happiness, spoke to Mamamia about the ways in which different foods can give you nightmares.

She explained, “One of the greatest is copper excess or zinc deficiency,” May said.

“When your levels of the mineral copper are higher than the mineral zinc, this often leads to elevated night time levels of the stress hormone cortisol…People with diets low in vegetables, nuts and seeds (all zinc rich foods) tend to have a zinc deficiency, which could explain why they have nightmares.”

She continued, saying that one of the things that can give you ’strange and lucid or disturbing dreams’ is CHEESE!

“There is little research to support or explain this theory.

“Though some people may be sensitive to the amino acid Tyramine which cheese is a rich source of.  Those who are sensitive to Tyramine may find that they experience headaches after cheese, wine and chocolate. If this is so, definitely avoid these prior to bed as it could induce nightmares.”

So, how can we fix all of this?

Dr Naras Lapses told Mamamia, “Calming teas like green tea or herbal tea that give you a really deep and relaxed sleep are a good option.”

Some good foods to eat before bed for a great sleep include:

  • Turkey
  • Potatoes
  • Magnesium-rich foods (not chocolate)

Have YOU had strange dreams every time you eat a particular food before bed?

Let us know what it is in the Facebook comments!


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