Dogs Can’t Sleep At Night ‘Coz They Worry Too & We're In Tears

They're just like us!

Dogs Can’t Sleep At Night ‘Coz They Worry Too & We're In Tears

Our pets are our best friends and we’ll do anything to keep them happy and in tip top shape!

While we’ll do anything to make them happy, though, there’s some things we can’t fix… and it turns out that our dogs are just like us when it comes to not being able to sleep at night, because we’re always worrying!

According to a new study published in The Royal Society scientific journal, dogs struggle to get to sleep at night, too, because they’re too busy worrying about their problems. 

Through measuring dog’s sleeping patterns, the study looked at how their sleep i affected by negative and positive emotional experiences (like when we pat them or call them a good boy/girl, before getting some sleep). 

Following negative experiences (no physical or mental cruelty was inflicted on them, don’t worry!), the dogs sleep was restless and they tossed and turned. 

But positive experiences before bed led them to more consistent sleep!

Similar to humans, dogs fall asleep quicker after a not-so-good day, but their overall sleep is restless. 

So up the positive in yours and your dogs life! 

You’ll both be better off for it!