Constance Hall Has A New Fashion Line And We Can't Even

Some seriously cool pieces!

Constance Hall Has A New Fashion Line And We Can't Even

The amazingly awesome and talented Queen Constance Hall is one of Australia’s most successful bloggers, a freedom fighter and wicked chick. She hosts a weekly radio show ‘The Queen Sesh’ with her bestie Annaliese that you can hear across the Hit Network Sunday mornings from 7-9.

She is also making her mark in the fashion World with ‘Queen The Label’! Her first line has been incredibly successful - and has just released some more of the hugely popular Mum Tum Skirts plus some wicked tanks and t-shirts! You will be wanting to add these outfits to your summer wardrobe because they are comfy AF and look so chic!

Con says "Like most chicks, I'm clothes obsessed, but lately I have found it hard to buy clothes that work for my always changing body. One day something fits perfectly and the next week it won't go over my knees. My weigh fluctuates so much that I decided our clothes would be versatile, elastic waists and singlets that can be either tied up or worn baggy these clothes are just good pieces that you'll get a lot of wear out of not just a season."

From florals to blacks to stars and blossoms, you’ll find the perfect Mum Tum skirt and pair is with a t-shirt or tank. Oh, and you can After Pay, so what are you waiting for! Get shopping now!

And don't forget to listen to Constance Hall on ‘The Queen Sesh on Sundays - you can catch up now!