Cheese Is As Addictive As Drugs & This Is Some Scary Sh@#

Life is not the same...

Cheese Is As Addictive As Drugs & This Is Some Scary Sh@# Disney Pixar

Looking after one’s mental and physical health is of crucial importance, especially as we develop and grow, and we do not want anything to inhibit this; thus, the use of illegal substances is not to be condoned. 

But something we all love to eat has addictive qualities similar to that which some develop towards drugs, and suddenly nothing seems the same anymore. 


It’s no secret that cheese is one of the yummiest foods on this earth, nay, in this universe. 

But this obsession with cheese may be because we are literally addicted to it. 


According to studies, cheese has a chemical in it which has addictive qualities, much like many of us get addicted to coffee or sweets. 

The chemical in cheese which induces addictiveness is similar to the body’s reaction to those found in drugs.


The Yale Food Addiction Scale explained that the chemical of casein in cheese is the same chemical found in ‘hard drugs’. 

The Independent further stated that it’s the same chemical that “triggers brain’s opioid receptors that are linked to addiction.”

The study showed that the foods people were more often obsessed with contained cheese, and that these were associated with “addictive behaviour.”


We will never look at cheese in the same way...