'Cards Against Humanity' Is Hiring Someone To Write Their Cards

Do you love a good joke?

'Cards Against Humanity' Is Hiring Someone To Write Their Cards Cards Against Humanity

Love playing Cards Agains Humanity and think you have what it takes to write some hilarious cards for the game?

Well, your dream job might just exist, because the company is looking for people to help write new content for their cards!


The job offers $40 per hour for someone to write for both their black and white cars, so you have to be good at both realms of the game!

The job description reads: 

"Great news! Cards Against Humanity is looking for new writers. If your cards are solid, you'll join our pool of remote contributors and make $40/hr writing poop jokes as needed - which is "sometimes."

"To apply, you'll send us your best fifteen white cards and five best black cards. Submissions are due by August 31st.

"We strongly encourage applicants from historically marginalized communities to apply, particularly people of color, immigrants, and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

"Also looking for hot single dads.

"Good luck. We love you."

Obviously, it’s not really a full-time gig and the job description details that you’ll be offered work ‘sometimes’, but still, some money on the side is good!

Keen as a bean for this? Head to their website application page here

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