Bella's 'Twilight' Home Is Up For Sale & It’s Love At First Bite

Biting for a bargain?

Bella's 'Twilight' Home Is Up For Sale & It’s Love At First Bite Lionsgate / Cascade Sotheby’s International

Twilight took over the world when the books and films were at their peak, causing every teenage girl to go into a frenzy. 

Yeah, I was one of them… I’m sure you secretly were, too.

While our obsession isn’t in full swing anymore, a piece of our hearts still holds Twilight near and dear, so this news is sure to send some butterflies fluttering around in your stomach. 

Bella Swan’s home, the one used in the Twilight movies, is up for sale and it’s going for a bargain (in comparison to our ridiculous Aussie real estate market). 

The Oregon home is being sold by Cascade Sotheby’s International realtors and they’ve stated the home is going for US $349,900 - which translates as AUD $483,000. 

Images: Cascade Sotheby’s International

The two-story home is situated an hour from Portland, in St. Helens, and features:

  • Four bedrooms
  • Two bathrooms
  • A fireplace
  • Basement
  • More…

The home has hardly been changed since it was featured in the films, so it’ll be just like living as Bella Swan!

The realtors were told by the current owner, “I’ve kept the house as it was from the movie. The choices the filmmakers really made the house shine… To see a picture of the very house you’re sitting, in followed by an image of the very room you’re in, is a sensation that very few will ever know.”

Maybe you’ll even find your own Edward Cullen… or Jacob Black, whatever you’re into. 

Want this piece of Twilight history? You can check out the listing HERE.


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