Being On 'Love Island' Earns You MORE Than Going To University

You're in the wrong job...

Being On 'Love Island' Earns You MORE Than Going To University Channel Nine

If you’re putting in the hard yards at uni, then sorry, because according to new studies, being on Love Island might provide higher lifetime earnings than going and getting a degree.

A group of economists came together to determine the return of appearing on the UK version of the show, estimating it would come to around AUD$1,946,010 from all the sponsorship money that follows… 

That’s almost $2 million!

They compared it to the value of a top Oxbridge degree over the course of a graduates life, which came to around AUD$1,441,816. 

The Frontier Economics economists determined that the shows push to Instagram fame would pay better than three years of a rigorous degree at one of Britain’s top universities.


"These two sources of income are almost guaranteed for anyone returning from the Love Island sunshine."

Not only this, but it turns out there were MORE applicants for Love Island UK this year than applicants to study at Oxford or Cambridge - 85,000 vs. 37,000.

Read more about it HERE


Looks like we’re all in the wrong line of work...

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