Be A Good Muggle With These ‘Harry Potter’ Keep Cups

Which house are YOU?!

Be A Good Muggle With These ‘Harry Potter’ Keep Cups Sanity

We all try to be good little muggles and not pollute the environment, and the latest Harry Potter merchandise is going to make that a whole lot easier!

Sanity have jus dropped some Harry Potter House-themed keep cups that you’ll want to snatch up ASAP!


Gryffindor Foil Logo Keep Cup

Hufflepuff Foil Logo Keep Cup

Ravenclaw Foil Logo Keep Cup

Slytherin Foil Logo Keep Cup

Yes, there a re a lot of Harry Potter cups and mugs and all that shebang out there, but adding one more to your list is the sprinkle of magic your day needed. 

Am I right?

I know Pottermore likes to tell me I’m Hufflepuff, but J. K., I’ve know I’m Gryffindor from the moment these books and films graced my muggle life.

So, step off, I’m getting myself a Gryffindor keep cup.

If you want to check these out, head HERE and pre-order one for $14.99!


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