Australia Is Getting A Tattoo Vending Machine & It’s FREE

'No Ragrets'

Australia Is Getting A Tattoo Vending Machine & It’s FREE Warner Bros. Films

You know when we were kids and used to cover ourselves in temporary tattoos?

We were the sh@# and the coolest kids on the block, rocking tatts that usually consisted of rainbows, stars, and pretty things… 

Well, get ready to step into adulthood, because Australia is getting its first tattoo vending machine… and they are FREE!

To celebrate the second season of Just Tattoo Of Us, which is hosted by Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear, MTV Australia is offering Aussies the chance to get inked for FREE. 

To clarify, these Prinker tatts are not permanent, which means you can go bonkers and choose whatever pattern you want - no regrets baby!

Unfortunately, you’ll have to live in Sydney (or book flights ASAP) to get your hands on them. 

Interested? Here are the deets!

Option One

Where: Pitt Street Mall, Sydney

When: Monday October 30, 12pm-2pm

Option Two

Where: Macarthur Square, Campbelltown

When: Tuesday October 31, 11am-4pm


You can tune in to Just Tattoo Of Us on MTV, Tuesdays at 9.30pm!