Australia Has Gone Into Meltdown Over This Kmart Hack

It’s just $4.50

Australia Has Gone Into Meltdown Over This Kmart Hack Kmart

Listen guys, it’s not breaking news that we are ALL addicted to Kmart… but it turns out there is so much more to our heaven on earth than we ever knew.

Thankfully, the people of the Internet have our backs and they have discovered the mother of all hacks and it will set you back just $4.50.

They have turned some items from Kmart’s home range into a bento lunch box.


How organised.


We literally can't deal. 

Rough Diamond On Facebook shared the hack on her page and naturally it has gone viral, “Just a wee bit of genius from @reve.ever ... a very handy #kmarthack using the large ice cube trays (... which make amazing ice cubes with a wedge of lime frozen in them) and the Kmart container for your very own bento box.”

“Just a wee bit of genius"

We agree.  


All you will need is:

1- rectangle 600ml clip container for $3

1 - ice cube tray to fit for $1.50

and well food... 

$4.50 for the greatest hack of all time.

We are so here for this.