Aussies BEWARE: The Mercury Retrograde Is Here & Sh#@ Is About To Go Down

UH OH...

Aussies BEWARE: The Mercury Retrograde Is Here & Sh#@ Is About To Go Down

Image Credit: Astrologyzone

Last year, the Mercury Retrograde did NOT treat us well and made us all act in ways very unlike ourselves. 

Now, it’s back and we all better prepare ourselves for something huge. 

There has been a longstanding belief that retrogrades lead to complications in travel, communication and relationships, when a planet’s orbit changes directions. 


What does all this mean? 

Let’s break it down:

At the moment, we are in the middle of a Venus retrograde.

This means we all need to beware of old flames coming out of nowhere and back into our lives.

Be careful and guarding of your hearts, until the love planet turns direct on the 15th of April. 

Saturn has also gone into retrograde...

It is during this time that even your best plans will be thrown into chaos. 

Ensure you take care and caution, and do everything at a much slower speed, while avoiding risks!

When Saturn goes direct from August 25, you’re fine to take the bigger risks. 

Now for the much-feared Mercury retrograde...

Which threw everything to peril last year. 

Today is THE day Mercury has gone into retrograde and you better be careful how you approach it. 

Miscommunication is going to be at a high during this time, until it passes on May 3, so choose your words VERY carefully. 

overs beware, you’re going to want to have extra patience or some big troubles could be on the horizon!


According to Jodie Harvala, a teacher from Fargo who spoke with Inforum, "a lot of people go into Mercury retrograde with a fear-based thought of 'oh no, everything is going to go to hell in the next few weeks because of Mercury retrograde.

Our tip to surviving the chaos of a Mercury retrograde? 

Put off any huge projects you have in the works and don’t fork out all your moolah on some impulse purchase. 

Double-check your work, slow down on the roads, and think before you act or speak! 

Use this time to try and have a shot at a do-over, but be very cautious. 

The last retrograde will be Pluto.

This will begin on April 20, and your curiosity will be at an all time high. 

You don’t need to worry about things being thrown off course, but you’ll be extra pensive! 

The Pluto retrograde will motivate us to reflect on ourselves and the control we have in our lives. 

It’s the opportunity to get back on the horse and chase your dreams!

Prepare yourselves, Australia!