Aussie Who Won The Lotto TWICE In ONE Week Was Already Rich

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Aussie Who Won The Lotto TWICE In ONE Week Was Already Rich

This morning on the Hit Network's Em, Grant & Ed, we all found out a little more about the Bondi man who won the lottery TWICE in one week!

Sound like a dream to win it twice? It's a dream to win it once, really, so we are beyond jealous of this guy... 

The man, David, won $1 million on Monday. 

Instead of just taking that as being the luckiest gift ever, he went out and spent some money on another ticket from the SAME news agency, only to end up winning another $1.5 million. 

Em, Grant & Ed asked what he'd be spending his newfound money on and he replied, explaining he would be "investing all of it."

However, he did reveal he had a splurge and bought a "Mercedes convertible" in celebration.

To make us all the more jealous, it turns out that David's done pretty well for himself throughout his life, revealing he had already retired at 39... he's now 44 and has a house with a great view of Bondi Beach.

In other words, we think it's time for David to share the love and give us a bit of his winnings... because we're not all as well off and need to have some chance at someday owning a house...  

Hear his full chat below!

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