Aussie Couple Finds $18k Of Diamond Rings Inside A $2 Op Shop Board Game

Not a bad find...

Aussie Couple Finds $18k Of Diamond Rings Inside A $2 Op Shop Board Game Instagram @ ellidanvers

We all love going into an op shop and scoring a bargain buy, usually on some books or nifty shoes that the shop owners don’t realise are worth a lot more. 

But imagine walking out with a $2 board game only to discover there are six diamond rings hidden inside it… 

That’s what happened to one very lucky young Aussie couple recently while travelling the globe. 

27-year-old Chris Lightfoot and his girlfriend Mandy Flack moved to Toronto, Canada, from Sydney, early this year, and came upon a riddle game called Mind Trap in an op shop that they could play with their family holiday. 

Chris spoke to Seven News about the chance incident, saying, "I figured my parents were in town so we're not exactly going to have a wild night out drinking, I thought maybe we will go to the thrift shop and pick up some board games.

"We bring it back and start playing and Mum starts asking the questions. She goes to put the cards back in and she's like ''What's going on, they don't fit’’.

"She reaches in and pulls out a diamond ring and then another, and another and another."

Lucky for the couple, there were six diamond rings hidden in the box, which all came in at a total of $18,000.

You can see pics of the AMAZING rings HERE

"We are just standing there looking at each other like holy s**t, is this for real.”

The couple have since decided to keep the rings in case they need some emergency funds. 

Not a bad day for spending only $2 on a board game, hey.

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