Aldi Has Manager Jobs Listed With A $101,800 - $155,000 Salary!

Jobs available across the country.

Aldi Has Manager Jobs Listed With A $101,800 - $155,000 Salary!

As Aldi expands its stores across the country, it’s no shock that more jobs are popping up.

What may come as a surprise though, is the fat paycheck associated with some of the roles.

As advertised in new job listings, an Area Manager role comes with a salary between $101,800 - $155,000 (including superannuation), as well as a company car and iPhone! 


Just to add to the epic nature of all of this, applicants needn’t have any retail experience. 

Instead, the grocery giant is after candidates who have “completed a Bachelor's Degree or a Master's Degree in any discipline, demonstrate a strong academic record, have a minimum of 3 years business experience, and proven success in leadership roles.”

If you’re keen to apply for a job (which also comes with five weeks annual leave) find out more information here.