Aldi Customers Are Furious Over The Lack Of Toy Cars In Stock During Special Buys Sale

This is not good...

Aldi Customers Are Furious Over The Lack Of Toy Cars In Stock During Special Buys Sale

Aldi is known around the globe for its low prices but nothing gets their customers more excited than a one-day Special Buys sale!

The last Special Buys sale the supermarket had was for a new line of homewares that looked absolutely stunning!

Customers were lining up for hours to get their hands on some of the goodies including this very chic, very simple and comfortable-looking house chair.


Some people were able to get their hands on the chair bright and early, however, many were left disappointed after it sold out in seconds because their local Aldi only had a small handful of them in stock!

Some customers even had to break up a few fistfights over this beautiful chair!

On Saturday, Aldi had hundreds of customers lining up and preparing themselves for yesterday's Special Buys sale.

This time around, the sale focused on kids toys and EVERYONE wanted to get their hands on this miniature Mercedes-Benz kids toy car.


This kind of toy being sold for only $199 is unbelievable, so a lot of parents thought it was going to be beneficial for them to head to Aldi and get some Christmas shopping done a few months early.

Another highly sought out item was the 6V Electric Tractor that was also going for $199.


Unfortunately, not every parent was able to buy the amazing ride-on toys.

Customers have unleashed their anger over yesterday's sale on Facebook, telling the supermarket that because they waited so patiently and were forced to walk out of the store empty-handed due to lack of stock, they were going to boycott them.

One customer named Deb told that in her local store, they only had two of the toy tractors in stock, so only the first few customers in line were able to get them.

She was waiting in line to get one for her granddaughter.

"She wanted to be just like her dad and have a tractor.

“The man I met in line … we tried to work together. He took the trolleys and I ran for the tractors as we both wanted one.

“But one man ahead of us grabbed the single tractor and the single car available.

"He took both, and that was it. None left.”

Another customer wrote on Aldi's Facebook page saying that at least "40 or 50 people" in his town had missed out on the toys because there were so few on the shelves.

"Most people were lining up hoping to score a Kids ride on.

“We were hoping to get one for our sons upcoming birthday ... we knew it would be competitive and we may well miss out but when we got into our store TO find they had only been supplied ONE of each!!??

"To have all this hype over a catalogue so heavily advertised to find out every store within 50-100ks is in the same position? Leaving so many customers disappointed!

"If you can’t supply demand don’t advertise ... supplying a store with ONE item for a catalogue with no rainchecks is just bad faith and bad practice.”

The Facebook post now seems to have been deleted from the page.

After the chaos surrounding the Special Buys homewares sale, an Aldi spokesperson told that the sale stock is ordered months in advance.

"ALDI Australia’s Special Buys have become incredibly popular with Australian shoppers and are just one way we distinguish ourselves from other supermarkets.

“Our weekly Special Buys are ordered months in advance and are intended to be on sale for one week in a bid to keep our range fresh and interesting.

“We do our best to supply our stores with sufficient stock however, sometimes they sell out faster than expected due to their exceptional value and high quality.”

Did you miss out on the chair or one of the ride-on toys?

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