Alcoholic Christmas Crackers Exist To Booze Up Your Xmas Day

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Alcoholic Christmas Crackers Exist To Booze Up Your Xmas Day Virgin Wines

We all love Christmas crackers (or bonbons as some like to call them) on December 25 each year, competing with our family members over who’s going to win some novel plastic toy or crown. 


But if you’re one who loves the finer things in life, then you will love the new crackers on the market:


Alcoholic Christmas Crackers!



Image: Dan Murphy's


Yep, they’re a real thing and we think they are the perfect addition to the adult’s table for you all to enjoy!


Lots of alcohol companies and bottle shops are starting to stock their own versions of the crackers, with Dan Murphey’s releasing some Gin Xmas Crackers that look super cute!



They also had some amazing Chandon or Moet & Swarovski Crackers, but sadly they’ve gone quicker than a bowl of chips at a party. 




Unfortunately, the prosecco one we’re lusting after are only available in the UK at the moment… which is a major bummer. 



Image: Virgin Wines


Think this is the perfect idea? So do we!


You can create your own version at home by buying some empty Christmas crackers and filling them with mini bottles of alcohol, and voila!




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