A Real-Life Mario Kart Track Is About To Open


A Real-Life Mario Kart Track Is About To Open Nintendo

We all grew up playing Mario Kart, and now there’s a real life version of the game that our adult selves can go cray-cray over. 

A Go-Kart track over in the U.S is opening a real-life Mario Kart-style track & it’s MULTI-level!

Image: Branson Tracks

Image: Branson Tracks

Branson Tracks has designed a 1,200 foot, four-level track, with enough room to power drift through corners and live out your childhood Mario Kart dreams. 

The track is called the Heavy Metal High Rise & is rock n’ roll themed, and has some insane features:

You’ll get to experience:

  • A four-story spiral climb
  • A 3-tiered down slope

Basically, it’s as close to that beloved Rainbow Road as you’ll get. 


Sound perfect?

We think so, too, and defs know where we are heading for our next vacation...