A New Study Has Revealed The Age You’re ‘Too Old’ To Go Clubbing

When do you think it's time?

A New Study Has Revealed The Age You’re ‘Too Old’ To Go Clubbing 20th Century Fox

Apparently, there is a scientifically proven age people are deemed ‘too old’ to hit the club$z.

The study, conducted by Currys PC World, found that the age of 37 is when you should call it a day.

Research also found that by the age of 31, people lose interest in clubbing anyway, with 22% of people saying they couldn’t be bothered getting dressed up, 21% didn’t want to book a taxi, and 12% said they didn’t want to have to organise a babysitter.

"The Great Indoors study recognises the fact that there comes a time when we appreciate our home comforts more than a hectic social life and it can often be a drag to play the social butterfly at parties and nights out," researcher Matt Walburn explained.

"It's now almost impossible to get bored at home, with endless box sets and the latest technology, such as 4K TV, enhancing the in-house experience, so much, that it often surpasses its 'outdoor' equivalent.”


We’re sure there are some of you who are flabbergasted by this age, thinking ‘I lost interest in clubbing when I was 18 and 3 months, how do people do it for this long?’ and others thinking ‘Sorry kids, mummy and daddy need to get lit tonight. Sleep tight. No age will stop us.’

We say if you want to club, club; if you want to Netflix, Netflix; or be like the Old El Paso girl and do both!

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