A Brand New Character Has Joined The Mr. Men Crowd & She’s An Incredible Role Model!

You're going to love her!

A Brand New Character Has Joined The Mr. Men Crowd & She’s An Incredible Role Model! Mr. Men

For some of you, it may have only been just yesterday since you last touched a Mr. Men book as you read your child to sleep, for the rest of you, it may have been years since you last read any tales on the adventures of Little Miss Sunshine and co. Although, no matter your current situation, you would all be extremely familiar with the characters who make up the Mr. Men crew! 

First published in 1971, the Mr. Men and Little Miss books have become a staple of any household with young children! 

Now, with 49 Mr. Men books in total and 42 Little Miss, it doesn't seem like the stories - by British author Roger Hargreaves - are looking to slow down anytime soon, as they've added a brand new character to the mix. 

Introducing: Little Miss Inventor

New character Little Miss Inventor!

As the 36th Little Miss character, Little Miss Inventor has been described as "intelligent, ingenious and inventive".

"Her brain is full of ideas, which she turns into extraordinary inventions in a shed at the bottom of her garden," her book's blurb reads. 

Adam Hargreaves, who took over the creation of the Mr. Men and Little Miss books from his late father Roger, told the BBC that he sees his new character as a stereotype-challenging role model. 

"I always enjoy creating a brand new character for the series and it was fun coming up with lots of crazy inventions for Little Miss Inventor's home and silly ones for all her friends.

"It's also been nice to write a story that promotes a positive role model and to challenge a stereotype, if only in a small way."

Little Miss Inventor's book will be available on March 8, 2018, coinciding with International Women's Day.