A Box Of Pokémon Cards From 1999 Is Selling For $94,537

Whip out your old cards!

A Box Of Pokémon Cards From 1999 Is Selling For $94,537 Huggins & Scott

Pokémon was all the craze when we were kids, and even though it’s made a massive resurgence thanks to Pokémon Go, there’s just nothing quite like the old days. 

If you haven’t thought about your old trading cards for a while, now might be the time, because someone just auctioned off a box of theirs for a whopping US$56,000, with an additional 23% buyers premium, which brought it all to AU$94,537.

Huggins & Scott auctions sold the original, unopened box of 1999 First Edition Pokémon cards according to Kotaku.com.au, opening bids at $20,000. 

Why was the starting price so steep?

Well, the box was unopened and a First Edition, plus the pristine Charizard holographic cards within it sell for a LOT (one of these sold for $55,000 on its own last April!). 

Here’s how the price was broken down:

"A box break will yield (36) 11-card packs. Additionally, each pack will deliver: (5) common, (3) uncommon, (2) Energy and (1) Rare or Foil card. Based on production, the odds of pulling a foil card are nearly 1:3 packs. With 396 chances for Gem Mint 10 holos and other high-grade treasures, “the sky’s the limit” for this transcendent non-sport box!"

The box finally sold for $56,000, so if you’re hiding one of these bad boys you might want to get on top of this!


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