A 'Blood Moon' Is Taking Over Aussie Skies This July

Once in a lifetime sight!

A 'Blood Moon' Is Taking Over Aussie Skies This July

The super moons of the past few months have been hitting us hard, messing with our feelings, and leaving us feeling like absolute emotional wrecks. 

Now, another stunning moon is about to cross our skies and instead of messing with our emotions, it will (hopefully) help give us the most popular Instagram feed - IF you get the perfect picture of it. 

Saturday, July 28, 2018, is THE day that the Blood Moon will be taking over our Aussie sky, and it is set to be this century’s longest total eclipse!

We are not going to get another one of these until the 2100’s, so you MUST check this off your bucket list!

Here are the deets you need to know!

(All times in AEST)

The eclipse will begin in the early morning of Saturday, 28th July and it will reach a total eclipse by around 5.30am. 

According to Earth Sky, here are the times you’ll be able to see the eclipse:

3.14am Penumbral eclipse begins

4.24am Partial eclipse begins

5.30am Total eclipse begins

6.21am Maximum eclipse

7.13am Total eclipse ends


Fingers crossed the weather holds up for this once in a lifetime event!

Will YOU be staying up late / getting up early to see it?!

Let us know in the Facebook comments!


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