20-Year-Old Lucille Butterworth Disappeared In Mysterious Circumstances

What happened to her?

20-Year-Old Lucille Butterworth Disappeared In Mysterious Circumstances

On Monday August 25th 1969, 20-year-old Hobart woman Lucille Butterworth disappeared from a bus stop in Tasmania. She has not been seen since.

What happened to Lucille? Where did she go? Was she kidnapped? Did she meet with foul play? If so, why isn’t someone in jail? And where is her body?

The case has haunted Tasmania for years. Police initially treated Lucille as a runaway and did not launch a full investigation straight away. Once they started to investigate, evidence was overlooked, possible sources were not interviewed and no one was ever charged with her disappearance or murder. 

Now the podcast UnderState seeks to find out what happened to Lucille and bring a potential suspect to justice. Host Adam Shand has thoroughly looked into Lucille’s disappearance, exploring the available evidence, speaking to Lucille’s family and friends and building a clearer picture of the type of person Lucille was and how much she is still missed to this day. 

On the anniversary of her disappearance, we want to know what happened to Lucille. Listen to the first episode in the five part series below, and then catch up with the rest of PodcastOne's Understate here.