You Should Probably Stop Storing Chocolate In The Fridge

It ain't good!

You Should Probably Stop Storing Chocolate In The Fridge

When you buy a block of chocolate, do you pop it in the fridge when you get home or the pantry?

If you're putting it in the fridge, then you should definitely stop doing that because it's ruining the taste!

Chocolate expert Luke Owen Smith told Stuff that you shouldn't be storing chocolate in the fridge, even if it's extremely hot outside because it "doesn't release the flavours" and makes it taste "dull".

"Extremely cold temperatures can mess with the temper as much as hot temperatures can."


Whittaker's product development manager Megan Howard echoes Luke's statement saying that chocolate is best stored at a minimum of 10 degrees and a maximum of 20 degrees.

"Generally this is in the pantry, however in the warm summer months some pantries can get warmer than this, so the fridge or a cooler bag may be the next best option."

If it does become too hot for your chocolate in the pantry, Luke recommends popping your chocolate in a container in the fridge and when you want to eat it, to place it on the bench and allow it to heat up to room temperature before consuming it.


The container will stop any foreign flavours from affecting the taste and will keep your chocolate fresh.

Anyone else craving chocolate now?!