You Might Be Storing Your Olive Oil Incorrectly & It's Affecting Your Food!

Where do you keep yours?

You Might Be Storing Your Olive Oil Incorrectly & It's Affecting Your Food!

Do you generally keep your olive oil in the pantry at home? Or does it just sit on the bench, waiting to be used on steak night?

Well, if you've been keeping it quite close to the stove so it's within reach when steak night DOES roll around, you should probably move it!

Cooking experts from the Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI) have revealed that if you do keep your olive oil near the stove, it could ruin the flavour and in turn, ruin the flavour of whatever you're using it to cook!

Keeping olive oil in warm, well-lit places may give it a "mustier flavour" and will become more vinegar-y as time goes on.

"When exposed to those elements, the oil will turn rancid more quickly, taking on a mustier, more earthy flavour profile with notes of vinegar."

To protect the oil, you should keep it somewhere cool and dark, like the pantry, with the cap lightly screwed on.

"The optimum temperature for storing oil is 14-18˚C, so keep in a cool, dry, dark cupboard, away from the heat and light. Limit exposure to oxygen."

Unlike wine, oil doesn't get better with age either, so using it sooner rather than later, is always a good idea.

An unopened bottle can last for up to two years if it's been stored properly, but once the oil is open, it should be used within six months, before the taste starts to deteriorate.

So if your oil is by the stove, you should probably go and pop it in the pantry!