You Can Now Get Delicious Gourmet Cheeses Delivered Straight To Your Door!

Attention cheese lovers!

You Can Now Get Delicious Gourmet Cheeses Delivered Straight To Your Door!

Image: Cheese Riot

There are some seriously talented famers here in Australia making some amazing gourmet cheese.

Unfortunately for us though, that cheese doesn't always make it's way to supermarkets so if we want to taste these delicious flavour bombs, we have to travel a few hours out into the country.


Cheese lover Anna Perejma understands our predicament, so she's decided that instead of us going to the cheese, the cheese should come to us!

Anna has created The Cheese Riot, a delivery service that will bring boutique cheeses straight to you door, no matter where you are!

This woman is an absolute genius and says that Australian can make cheese just as well as overseas farmers, they just "don't get enough recognition."

Amen to that...


Anna kicked off her cheese career as an events officer at the Australian Specialist Cheesemakers' Association.

She has organised a series of wine and cheese tasting events across the country, so you know that she has a good eye for tasty fromage.

Anna is currently travelling the country sampling cheeses to include in The Cheese Riot's deliveries, which will bring customers not only the best cheese Australia has to offer, but also a variety of Australian made chutney, pastes, honey and matching teas.

Anna told Concrete Playground that "it's like the Dollar Shave Club, but for cheese.

"Every month, you'll get a selection of cheeses delivered to your house, most made by small producers who live in the middle of nowhere.

"The idea is to unlock products people want but can't get."


The Cheese Riot hasn't launched just yet, but you can subscribe to their email list to find out when you can order your cheese deliveries here.