You Can Buy Golden Gaytime Beer Now 'Coz Apparently We're In Heaven

What a time to be alive!

You Can Buy Golden Gaytime Beer Now 'Coz Apparently We're In Heaven Woolworths

First there was the original Golden Gaytime, then we had the Golden Gaytime Crumbs, and just recently, Streets Ice Cream released the Golden Gaytime Sanga, a beautiful ice cream sandwich that we just can't stop eating.

But did you know that nestled in the streets of Adelaide is a brewing company that is transforming our favourite ice cream flavour into a beer?

We didn't and now that we do know, we want to try it so badly!

Big Shed Brewing Co. have been creating their Golden Stout Time for a while now and we have no idea how we missed it!

The beer is described on their website as a "dessert stout" that "is made to replicate the flavours and aromas of the iconic Australian treat, the Golden Gaytime."

Image: Big Shed Brewing

The beer was originally made as part of the Great Australian Beer SpecTAPular in 2015, but has now become a core product in Big Shed Brewing's unique range of pale ale's and ciders.

The founders told The Urban List that the idea for Golden Stout Time came for a cooking show.

"One of the contestants made a ‘deconstructed Golden Gaytime’.

"I looked at the ingredients and thought that maybe the flavours could be tasty in a stout.

"It was coming up to GABs (Great Australian Beer Spectapular) and we wanted an idea for our festival beer.

"This ended up being that beer.

"It was tasted the 1st time there and it went mental."

If you're in Adelaide, you can head to Big Shed Brewing Co. and give Golden Stout Time a try, but if you're interstate, you can purchase a full carton of the stuff for $120 online!

We'll take a bunch!